2.Let's learn how to find books.

2-1 Where is the book?

= University of Tokyo WebOPAC

Using the WebOPAC, you can search for books= in the University of Tokyo Libraries by titles, authors' names, etc.
University of Tokyo Libraries have about= 7,700,000 books.
The WebOPAC allows you to search a part of= the collection, about 2,550,000 books.

NACSIS= Webcat

If you see the books you want are not in= the University of Tokyo Libraries, you should try other university= libraries.
NACSIS Webcat allows you to search about= 48,000,000 books in university libraries in Japan.

2-2 What books do the libraries hold on the topic?

= Book Contents Database

You can search books you are looking for by= content keywords (words from tables of contents and descriptions).
You can search about 150,000 books,= although this is a part of the University holdings.

Academic Information Literacy Section , Information Technology Center, the= University of Tokyo