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Indonesian Students Visit Supercomputer at UTokyo-ITC

On Monday, August 1, students from Indonesia’s Cokroaminoto Palopo University, who are visiting Japan under the JST Sakura Science Program, visited the University of Tokyo’s Information Technology Center in Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, and toured the supercomputer.

The Sakura Science Program is a Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)’s program, which has invited talented young foreign human resources for short-term visits to Japan, giving them the opportunity to experience both Japan’s cutting-edge science, technology, and culture.

Under the theme of “Technical Experience to Learn the Usage of Supercomputers and the Role of Large-Scale Networks,” seven students from Cokroaminoto Palopo University and their faculty member Dr. Irwan Ramli visited the Information Technology Center at the University of Tokyo Kashiwa II Campus with their host institution in Japan, RIKEN’s Senior Research Scientist Dr. Isao Watanabe and members from the Meson Science Laboratory, Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science.

The tour was preceded by a lecture by Professor Kengo Nakajima, Director of the Supercomputing Research Division, Information Technology Center. In the Q&A session, the students actively asked many questions related to the actual usage, including what procedures Indonesian students need to follow to use a supercomputer.

In the subsequent tour, faculty members of the Supercomputing Research Division guided each small group of four or five people to the center’s latest supercomputer, Wisteria/BDEC-01, and a cloud platform for supporting data science and cross-disciplinary research collaborations, mdx. Detailed introductions were made to each of the computers, storage, networks, power consumption, etc.

For this visit, the ITC has implemented measures to avoid congestion such as temperature checks at the building entrance and the introduction of a multi-channel wireless guide.

A group photo at the entrance of the Kashiwa II campus of the University of Tokyo

Lecture by Prof. Kengo Nakajima, Director of Supercomputing Research Division:
“Innovative Scientific Computing by Integration of (Simulation + Data + Learning)”

Explaining about mdx, a cloud platform for supporting data science

A photo session in front of Wisteria/BDEC-01 (Aquarius)

A scene of Q&A session

Explaining about the processor of Wisteria/BDEC-01 (Odyssey)

Explaining about Wisteria/BDEC-01(Odyssey)

Listening with serious eyes

Discussing about the Wisteria/BDEC-01 network

It was a very hot day