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Notice on Continued Use of WEB PARK in the 2021 Academic Year

We had previously asked users to apply for continuing the use of the system before the start of new academic year.
However, from the 2021 academic year, use of the service will be automatically carried over as long as you have not applied to discontinue the use of the service, 

If you wish to discontinue use of the service by the end of the 2020 academic year, please make sure to submit your application through the “online application system” before the deadline after referring  to the web page (Currently available only in Japanese) below.


Application deadline (to discontinue use): April 30, 2021


[Cost of Use]
The cost for organizations continuing use of webpark for academic year 2021 will be chargeable from May 1st.
If you decide not to use the WEB PARK service in the 2021 academic year, please make sure to submit the application to discontinue use through the online application system by April 30, 2021.

Please send the “application form for discontinuing use of WEB PARK” which is generated after you complete the procedure using the online application system to us by internal mail. The document must have the representative’s signature and it also has to be stamped with their seal. If there are any changes in the registered information (such as representatives or contact persons), please change the information using “the online application system” immediately.