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■Which should I use “shared SSL” or “park-SSL”? What is the difference between “shared SSL” and “park-SSL”?

Please make your choice depending on your purpose for the SSL certificate.

[Main Differences]

Shared SSL park-SSL
Certificate Provided by SAKURA Internet Provided by ITC
Access of organization (組織の略称)
Application Unnecessary (individually set up) Must apply for park-SSL
Usage Fee No Additional Fee 10,000 yen/year
Differences It proves that you are using the Sakura Internet.
However, it is not possible to distinguish whether the user is a WEB PARK user or a users directly contracted with SAKURA Internet.
It proves that you are using the service provided by ITC.
(The certificate provided by ITC is only available for WEB PARK (campus service).
  1. 1. If you are intending to make use of the SSL encryption communication.
    There is no difference between using the encryption communication with “Shared SSL” or “park-SSL”. Therefore, if you intend to only use the encrypted communication function, you will be better off using the “Shared SSL” as there will be no additional fee.

  2. 1. If your intention is to be able to prove that it is a real website provided by ITC.

    Sakura Internet will issue the server certificate if you use the “Shared SSL” and will prove that the server being use is actually provided by SAKURA Internet. However, it will not act as a proof of use of the WEB PARK server, one of the services provided by ITC. When you use “park-SSL”, the server certificate will be issued by ITC. Only users who have applied for “park-SSL” will be available to use the server certificate issued by ITC, and will be proof that you are a “WEB PARK” user as confirmed by ITC.