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[Notice] Server disk capacity increase

Posted: Aug 31, 2022

WEBPARK is a web hosting service that uses rental servers provided by SAKURA Internet, and SAKURA Internet has announced that it has increased the amount of available disk space.

Accordingly, we would like to inform you that the disk capacity of the WEBPARK service, including the accounts that are already in use, has increased as well.
The details are as follows. There is no increase in the usage fee associated with this increase in disk capacity.

[Disk capacity after increasing]
◯ Standard WEB service (standard)
(Before increasing) 100GB → (After increasing) 300GB

◯ Large-capacity web service (premium)
(Before increasing) 200GB → (After increasing) 400GB

【SAKURA Internet】2022年2月15日以前にご契約されたサーバーのストレージ容量増量について (available only in Japanese)