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Cost of Use

1 March 2023
Updated 4 April 2023

WEB PARK provides a number of service plans according to the amount of computing resources which users require (user cost system based on computing resources used).
WEB PARK is a webhosting service that uses the webhosting service (rental server) provided by Sakura Internet.
The service plans and cost of use provided by WEB PARK is listed below. Also, please see the following table for a comparison of the services.

[Service plans offered on WEB PARK]
• Standard WEB service (Standard) / High capacity WEB service (Premium)
• park-SSL service ※New applications are not accepted

Cost of the use (per one application)

Service Plan Standard WEB Service (standard) High Capacity WEB Service (Premium)
Disk Capacity 300 GB 400 GB
Cost of the Use ¥10,000 / per year ¥20,000 / per year
Number of Account one account
Can be used by number of people with the use of public key authentication (one account to be shared by many)
Virtual Host A number of virtual hosts can be set. No additional cost.
park-SSL(*) an additional cost (¥10,000 / per year) per one application is required
No user fees will be required from FY2021 onward.

(*)”park-SSL service”
This service allows you to use the “ name)” address without any special settings. New applications for PARK-SSL are not accepted after February 2022. For details, please refer to the website.
For SSL connection (https connection), we also provide services that can be used free of charge other than “park-SSL service”. For details, please refer to FAQ.


Payment Method / Timing of Payment

• The request for payment of the fee for using the WEB PARK will be sent out during February having tallied all the costs at the end of January.
• There will be no change in the cost even if the start or end of use is in the middle of an academic year.
• Requests to change of service plans within an academic year will always be accepted. However, there will be no reduction in the cost even if the accepted change of plan is a downgrading of the service.
• We ask each department/faculty to make the payment each academic year using the budget transfer system within the university. *We do not accept any other method of payment other than the budget transfer system within the university.
• Procedure for the budget transfer will be usually conducted around February and March in the current academic year. If you apply for use in February or March, you will not be charged for this period in the current academic year under the condition that you will continue to use the services in the following academic year.
 If you wish to stop using the service for the next fiscal year, please submit an application for discontinuation of use by the end of April of the next fiscal year.
• Make sure to state the person in charge of administering the budget (a manager in accounting, etc.) as the person in charge of payment when applying as they will be dealing with the budget transfer within the university.

Please contact the person in charge of the accounting office of your affiliation for details on the payment method or the time of the payment.
*Payment by transfer of expenses must be made through the account office of your affiliation.
(“Direct payment to ITC” is not accepted.)
*Please note that ITC cannot respond to inquiries concerning this as we do not have the information on the accounting procedures of each affiliation.



If you have any questions about WEB PARK, please contact us using

the “Inquiry” page as reference