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Service Outline

Posted:28 Feb. 2017
Updated:31 Aug. 2022

Information Technology Center (ITC) provides the web hosting service “WEB PARK” for use by organizations (department/faculty, laboratory and committee, etc.) on campus to answer their needs based on requests such as “we wish to publish information on the web (www), but it is difficult to operate/manage on our own”.

Service Outline

*”WEB PARK” is a web hosting service that uses a rental server provided by a private business operator (hereinafter referred to as “Sakura Internet”). Please refer to the following for details on the user/organization targeted for the service, or other important notices.

1. Targeted Organization

Organizations in the university such as Centers/Committees/Departments/Faculties/Laboratories

2. Abbreviation for Organization
• The User needs to specify an abbreviation for the organization
• Different abbreviations must be specified for each organization when you make multiple applications.
• An abbreviation for the organization must be in alphabets and maximum 15 characters long.
• As a rule, a first-come-first-served basis will apply. However, if you specify an abbreviation that is already being used specifically by another organization in the university, we may ask you to select another abbreviation.

3. Operation using a Virtual Host Name
• Operation using a virtual host name is available. There are no additional costs in operating virtual hosts.

4. Work Account (Server Account for WEB PARK)
• One server account for WEB PARK used to create contents is provided per application (there are no optional plans allowing additional server account). Use of public key authentications will one account available to be shared by a number people (one server account is shared).
• Administrators of ITC may need to log in in response to inquiries or failures. Therefore, ITC will place (register) a public key in the user directory for its member to log in.

5. Access Restriction
• Unless each organization (user) changes the settings to restrict access, the default setting of WEB PARK has no access restriction set for uploading contents or accessing the web. Accordingly uploading contents using password authentication is also possible. However, we strongly recommend using the public key authentication to upload contents. It is possible to restrict access by setting up using mod_rewrite, or .htaccess.

6. Creating Contents
• Each organization must be responsible when preparing contents.
• We will forward any inquiry about contents that we receive to the contact person registered at the time of application.
• If we receive complaints such as “the information on the website is inappropriate” from outside the University, we may stop publishing the site. In this case, each organization must contact the person who sent complaints directly, to clear up the issue.

7. Settings
• Configuring the writable settings of .htaccess is to be done at each organization’s risk. However, the settings of Options cannot be specified. (Please refer to the FAQ or website for Sakura Internet for details)
• For the following problems, please contact the relevant body.
– Items only server administrator can set up: ITC or support section of Sakkura Internet
– Cost of use, resetting passwords to the application system, general service on WEB PARK: ITC
– Technical problems: ITC will investigate, however, if ITC are not able to answer them, Sakura Internet will take over as necessary

8. Backing up
• Each organization (user) must make their own back up of data, etc., on regular basis.
• ITC dos not provide a data back-up service.
• The “Write the data for the public server on the multiple disks” (RAID1), “Data back up on regular basis” services provided by Sakura Internet is to recover from a failure in the server system itself and is not for recovering data that users accidentally delete.

9. Cost of Use
• WEB PARK provides a number of service plans according to the amount of computing resource that the users require (user cost system based on computing resources used).
“Standard WEB Service (Standard)”:¥10,000/academic year per application
“High Capacity WEB Service (Premium):¥20,000/academic year per application
Please refer to the website for details.

10. Application for Use
• Organization that wish to use WEB PARK services must apply by
submitting the Application Form for the Use of WEB PARK and that the application is made by the representative of your organization.
• The various types of application (new application, confirm or update each information, discontinued use) are performed from through this webiste

Main Functions of WEB PARK

WEB PARK Remarks
Standard WEB Service High Capacity WEB Service
Servers in General Location Sakura Internet’s domestic servers are used
Disk Capacity 300 GB 400 GB
Number of Accounts 1 Multiple people are able to use the system through use of a public key authentication (one account is shared)
SSH Available. Please see the website of the Sakura Internet for details
CGI Perl Please see the website of the Sakura Internet for details
Database MySQL Please see the website of the Sakura Internet for details
Access Analysis Software WEBalizer Please see the website of the Sakura Internet for details
Software WordPress Easy install function is provided. Please see the website of the Sakura Internet for details



If you have any questions about WEB PARK, please contact us using

the “Inquiry” page as reference