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E-learning Service

Support Information

The Information Technology Center (ITC) provides a wide range of support service to the members of the University of Tokyo for E-learning, such as “Web Hosting”, “Distance Education”, “Video Streaming Delivery”, “ITC-LMS (Information Technology Center Learning Management System)”, and so on.

Distance Education・Conference

A video conference system is available on the Hongo and Komaba Campuses which allows broadcasting of lectures and meetings for “Distance Education”.
ITC also provides MCUs (Multipoint Control Units) which will allow video conferences to be held between several locations.

Creation of Teaching Materials

We support the creation of teaching material on Hongo and Komaba Campuses by providing services (ITC Educational Resources Lab for video editing has currently been closed.)
such as:

Information Ethics Videos

We provide online video streaming of the “Information Ethics Digital Video Collection” as a source for learning the basic knowledge of information ethics.

Other Services

Other services that we provide include: “Equipment Rental”, “Web Hosting”, “ITC-LMS”, and so on.